This website is dedicated to a large, growing collection of photos of wc-doors, or rather the gender-signals on those doors. Click on a country name in the menu to see more pictures.
Here you see some nice examples!

I found a similar (Russian) website here with a great collection of WC-signs from all over the world. I’m nearly getting jealous!
And here a great series of gender-neutral bathroom signs – but that is a different story…

WC-signs are fascinating sociological features depicting particular views of gender. They show a large gender diversity varying by culture and history. Many people get very upset when a woman uses a male toilet, and vice verse. Or when the signs are blurred, unclear or gender-neutral; it often gives people a sense of insecurity. Therefore, most WC-signs are quite distinctive. Although in the past few years toilet signs and toilets themselves have become more and more gender-neutral. Therefore I introduced a special section on gender-neutral signs.

About me: I am an anthropologist/historian by profession from The Netherlands, currently living in Malta.

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